Watercolour Girl


This was created by combining two of my favourite mediums – watercolour and ink. I haven’t drawn in this style for a while – I love this style and definitely need to persevere and practise drawing faces so I can use it more. I’m not massively pleased with how this turned out (as I am awful at drawing faces) but am pleased with the style and want to experiment with it a bit more and maybe experiment with using unnatural colours as well. This was created using watercolours and 0.8, 0.5, 0.1 & 0.05 fineliners.


Unfinished Mandala ft Cat


Something else I’ve been working on over the past few weeks, featuring my cat Cleo. After getting back into dotwork I decided to create a new mandala piece incorporating the dotwork style. Unfortunately I messed this up really close to the end so it was never completely finished – I did enjoy the process of it though and will be creating, a hopefully, successful new version soon. I love drawing mandalas – there’s definitely something therapeutic about repeating patterns and colouring different areas in.

Getting Back Into Dotwork…

(2)(1)Oak Leaf

This started off as just a doodle while watching TV and then I got really into it and went on to do an oak leaf study. I really enjoyed using the dotwork to create the shading and shadows. Drawn using 0.5, 0.1 & 0.05 fineliners.


After enjoying creating a more detailed piece (the oak leaf) I decided to do another plant based dotwork piece. This was inspired by the geometrical lily I drew a while back. Drawn using 0.5, 0.1 & 0.05 fineliners.

(9)(7)Peony Rose

Geometrical rose (which was supposed to be a peony but ended up looking more like a rose). This has a slightly thicker outline than the oak leaf and the daisy. Drawn using 0.8, 0.5, 0.1 & 0.05 fineliners.

(12) copy(10) copy(11) copySimpsons Cosmic Cat

This is a little more ‘cartooney’ than I had planned, but I enjoyed creating the texture for the fur. Drawn using 0.8, 0.5, 0.1 & 0.05 fineliners.

Turkey & Mandalas


So it was now just over a month and a half since I went to Turkey, but I thought I would share some mandala designs that I drew while I was there. I seem to have developed a slight obsession with circular ink drawings at the moment.

56 copy

I found these quite therapeutic to draw. They both took around three hours to complete and were done using 0.1 and 0.3 fineliners. 0

Jewellery Designing

Since the start of May I have become a volunteer for charity based shop Spoonie Survival Kits. As a result of my involvement I was given the opportunity to create some Jewellery designs to promote Spoonie Survival Kits and be sold at Zazzy – a 3D print jewellery company. I have always been interested in creating jewellery so obviously my answer was a resounding yes. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole creative process and am really pleased with the final pieces. The designs are based on the logo for Spoonie Survival Kits and all profit will be donated to Action for M.E.

These are the final three designs that I chose – along with a link to the campaigns.

2015-08-01-22-11-01-58306adf1f3e40f54c6534b9a9351401click here to view campaign

2015-08-01-23-18-06-354cb878b57d83d79969f356f380a3fcclick here to view campaign

2015-08-01-23-10-39-9cce8be265c06ca60a916081a366af86click here to view campaign